modern Hill Country

A total design for this living room, dining room, entry and Master Bedroom.

Modern hill country interior design dining table and chandelier

Modern hill country interior design living room

Living Room Chrysalis Interiors

Interior Design Chrysalis Interiors

Comfortable Living and Dining room

This is a transitional design for a newly married couple.

Boho Farmhouse

Take a look at a boho farmhouse design for a living room, dining room and entryway.  

Transitional Farmhouse

This is a transitional farmhouse design for a living room and dining room.

Kitchen Update  

A total kitchen makeover!  Change from green and cream to grey and white.


Shabby Chic on a budget 

A shabby chic bedroom done on a budget.


Adding Personality

Added some personality to the retail space and did the office for a new TSO.

Teen Boho Bedroom

A neutral boho design for a teen.

Adding the Details

Adding the finishing details and some personality to a game room.


Sweet Boho

A sweet boho spin on a builder grade bathroom.