Boho Bathroom Makeover!

Hey Friends!  I wanted to share a bathroom makeover with you that I did this year.   We went for a bit of a boho theme with some pops of color.  I’ll share a few tweaks I made that really changed the character and the before and after pictures. I’ll also break down the cost for you at the end!  Enjoy!


I obviously painted the entire bathroom but one of the bigger changes I made was to frame the mirror.  I used 1×4 that I stained and then attached with command strips.  I went with a medium stain color to help bring in some warmth to the space!  I also wanted to find a great rug that brought in more color and pulled together the art I had picked out.  I fell in love with the piece above – it’s a girl holding her big black and white cat!  You can see Chrysalis’s Chief Gravity Officer aka Bogey the cat, walking in above! 🙂



One of my favorite things that I did a faux shiplap wall.  I had seen another blogger try it earlier in the year and knew I wanted to do it for some project.  This wall had originally had wallpaper so it had never been textured.  That made it the perfect surface to paint white and create faux shiplap.  All you need is white paint, a black sharpie paint pen and a nice long straight edge.   I did my lines 6″ apart and I really like how it turned out.  Of course if you get really close it’s obvious it’s faux, but it gives a great impression of the real thing if you aren’t paying attention.  (My lines are straight, it’s just the pano making it wiggly.)  (Also, this is an even easier project with a second pair of hands)

I also did a DIY art piece on the shiplap wall that I love!  I bought a shadow box and a mounted a succulent inside.  Very easy and affordable and a unique touch!

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I ordered this really cute white shelf to add some storage over the toilet.  I love shelving over the toilet.  It’s a great space to use open shelving and add some character while also adding some function.  If you are in a darker space with minimal light, glass shelving is a great option as well.

Here is a comparison of the before and after pics!


The total project cost less than $250 in supplies.  Here is the breakdown:

Art – $50
Shelf – $45
Rugs – $55
Frames for Mirror – $25
Shower Curtain – $16
Faux Shiplap supplies – $6
Paint – $25
Flowers/Greenery – $15

If you have a bathroom makeover that you want to tackle and just need a plan, let me know!  I can help put a design plan together for you to follow for a very affordable amount.  See you later, friend!

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How to Pick a Duvet and Duvet Cover

I love a fluffy duvet!  They are oh so cozy and look so inviting. They are the marshmallow on the hot chocolate of bedding. They would make an ultimate pig in a blanket!  They are the bedding that shows up in your dreams when you think of snuggling in bed and getting tangled in the sheets.












But not all duvets are the same here are a few tips for picking out the perfect duvet and duvet cover for you!

First – A vocabulary lesson!



Duveta soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, usually used with a cover.

Duvet Cover – The cover you put a duvet in.  It’s like a giant pillow case for your duvet.  It keeps your duvet clean and sanitary and often takes the place of the top sheet and blankets.

Down – Soft fluffy feathers used as the fill in a duvet.  Usually from a goose.

How to pick the warmth of a duvet

Duvets vary in the warmth they provide.  You can find different ones marked differently but typically there are the following.  The value that determines the warmth of a duvet is a balance between the Fill Power and the Fill Weight.  The higher the Fill Power the fluffier the down is that is being used. The higher the Fill Weight the more the down being used in the Duvet.  

All season – a middle of the road duvet as far as warmth.  It will probably do the job for most seasons but if you live in climates that get very warm or very cold you might not be comfortable all of the time.  Typically a Fill Power of 400 – 600.

Winter or Heavy – These are for the coldest climates and will keep you toasty warm.  If you don’t live in areas with a lot of cold or keep your AC cranked down you probably don’t need this one.  Typically a Fill Power of 600 plus.

Summer or Light weight – These provide the lease amount of warmth.  Perfect for warmer climates or if you sleep hot. Typically a Fill Power of 400 or below.

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The Material of the Duvet

You want to check what your duvet is actually made off.  Look for 100% cotton! It will be the softest and age really well.  Also pay attention to the thread count of your duvet. You typically want the highest thread count possible but I feel anything over 500 is pretty good.  The higher the thread count the tighter the weave will be and the material will keep the down contained better.


Pay Attention to the Construction

Most duvets are either baffle box construction or quilted.  This is how the down is held in place inside the blanket. A duvet with baffle box construction has strips of cloth sewn between the layers of fabrics.  This helps the down to stay fluffy. A quilt is just sewing two layers of fabric together.  


Get a Duvet Cover

While you can use a duvet by itself, I would recommend getting a duvet cover to protect your duvet.  It’s easier to wash the cover than it is to wash a big comforter and it will help your duvet last longer.  Make sure your duvet and duvet cover have ties and loops so that you can tie the corners of the duvet to the inside corners of the duvet cover.  If your duvet or duvet cover is missing this part it’s easy to sew something in by hand, but it’s nice to buy it already how you need it.

Also be sure to compare the size of your duvet cover with the size of your duvet.  It’s ok if the duvet cover is a bit larger but you want them to be pretty similar in size so it fits well.


Machine Washable

Check your duvet and duvet cover and make sure they are machine washable.  It’s a pain in the butt to have to drag your bedding to the dry cleaners when it needs it.  And it’s expensive too!

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DIY Fall Decorations using Nature

Fall is here and most people like to bring a little fall decor into their homes.  I’ve got a few ideas for you to make yourself using nature.


We typically like to carve up our pumpkins but painting them can look really good too!  Paint in varied fall colors or go monochrome and do a sweet cream or gold color on everything.  You can free hand or use a stencil to letter each pumpkin and spell out FALL!

You could also take various materials like string, twine or ribbon and cover your pumpkins for a unique texture.

Jack-o-lanterns don’t have to stay outside.  Carve up some smaller pumpkins and leave the tops off and you have unique candle holders to add to your dining centerpieces.

You don’t always have to go big.  Buy smaller pumpkins and gourds and stack them in a large bowl as a seasonal centerpiece for your coffee table.  

Take small pumpkins and write guests name on them for natural place cards.  Each guest can take home a little bit of decor as a gift!



This is one of those things that will make your wallet happy!   The nice thing about leaves – they are free!  

You can start by using them as art.  Find some really pretty ones and frame them!  

Glue leaves on a string and  you can hang as a banner across your mantle or attach them to sparkle lights for a fall themed mood lighting banner.

Fill a vase with them and it’s an instant piece of decor.  Or you can put some in the bottom of a vase and use it as the base for a candle.  

Speaking of candles you can glue leaves to the outside of a plain candle for custom lighting.

Dry leaves and you can use them to write your guests names on them and use as place markers.


While branches don’t look like much by themselves they can be stunning together.  Pull together 4-5 branches in a vase for a branch arrangement. You have a lot of options here.  Leave them plain or add other decor like dried berries or dried flowers. You can also spray paint your branches for a more upscale look.  If you like a bit of sparkle, paint them and then spray them with adhesive and sprinkle your choice of glitter over them.

A cool branch is also a great option for hanging other decor or fall art.  Maybe get the kids to help make a fun felt hanging and use a branch as your hanger.

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Stumps are so versatile.  Smaller branches can be cut into different height cylinders and then drilled into to create candle holders.  Larger stumps can be used to hold multiple candles.

If you have larger stumps, you could have them sliced then and use them as chargers.  Go the extra mile and personalize them with fall sayings.

Multiple branches or stumps can be used as a background or to stack other decor on.


Dried Corn


Dried corn is one of the prettiest fall decor pieces in my opinion. And the options are endless!

Stack whole cobs on a tray or tie whole cobs together and hang from your mantel.  

Fill glass jars with individual kernels for display.

Take an old frame you don’t use anymore and glue the kernels on in neat rows or in a random pattern.

Take a small shadowbox and glue the corn in a sunburst pattern on the inside of the glass for custom art.



You can do a lot of the same things with acorns as you can with dried corn but because they are a little bigger you have a few more options.

Acorns work great to add as a bit of detail in a table.  Take a handful and spread them around.

Glue them onto a wreath form and tie a beautiful bow on for a custom door or wall wreath.


The possibilities are endless!  How have you turned nature into custom decor?

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