Chrysalis helps You fall in love with your home!



Why us?

Chrysalis Interiors is here to help you transform your house into a warm, inviting home you will love.  Everyone should have the opportunity to love their home!  Your home should make you smile and make your family and friends feel welcomed and comfortable.   It should be a cozy retreat when it’s just a night in with pizza and the welcoming gathering spot for game nights and Thanksgiving dinner.  Your home is your retreat, don’t waste time skimping on beauty and being frustrated with design choices!

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“With an affordable budget, Jana was able to provide the look I had envisioned for our home but couldn’t pull together myself.  I just love how everything came out”

Range of Services

“I highly recommend Jana to anyone that is ready to decorate their new home, refresh their existing home, or just need to give their room the finishing details to bring it together”


“I would like to thank Jana for her vision, expertise and professionalism in decorating our home”