3D Renderings

Envision what your home could look like before you commit to a remodel

3D Renderings Chrysalis Interiors Black and Putty KitchenIt’s hard to envision what a space will look like when considering a remodel.  3D renderings allow you to see what your remodel will look like in a photo realistic model before you commit to a design.  We can move walls, change paint colors, and add unique features like gas fire places.

3D renderings allow me to take take your design inspiration and your remodel ideas and bring it to life!  The process also allows you to work with a designer and ensure that you end up with a beautiful and cohesive design. A remodel is a big commitment and you want to be confident you are going to love your finished space.  You should love you home and feel great about your investment!


What the process looks like:

  1. We’ll take measurements, pictures of your space, and talk about what you are wanting your space to look and feel like, how you want to use it and more.
  2. You’ll share a few inspiration pictures for what you would like the space to look like.  
  3. I’ll design the 3D Renderings and we’ll get on a zoom call for us to review your new space.
  4. You’ll take a few days time to review and decide if you would like to see any changes
  5. I’ll make final changes and we’ll do a final zoom call to review.

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