DIY Fall Decorations using Nature

Fall is here and most people like to bring a little fall decor into their homes.  I’ve got a few ideas for you to make yourself using nature.


We typically like to carve up our pumpkins but painting them can look really good too!  Paint in varied fall colors or go monochrome and do a sweet cream or gold color on everything.  You can free hand or use a stencil to letter each pumpkin and spell out FALL!

You could also take various materials like string, twine or ribbon and cover your pumpkins for a unique texture.

Jack-o-lanterns don’t have to stay outside.  Carve up some smaller pumpkins and leave the tops off and you have unique candle holders to add to your dining centerpieces.

You don’t always have to go big.  Buy smaller pumpkins and gourds and stack them in a large bowl as a seasonal centerpiece for your coffee table.  

Take small pumpkins and write guests name on them for natural place cards.  Each guest can take home a little bit of decor as a gift!



This is one of those things that will make your wallet happy!   The nice thing about leaves – they are free!  

You can start by using them as art.  Find some really pretty ones and frame them!  

Glue leaves on a string and  you can hang as a banner across your mantle or attach them to sparkle lights for a fall themed mood lighting banner.

Fill a vase with them and it’s an instant piece of decor.  Or you can put some in the bottom of a vase and use it as the base for a candle.  

Speaking of candles you can glue leaves to the outside of a plain candle for custom lighting.

Dry leaves and you can use them to write your guests names on them and use as place markers.


While branches don’t look like much by themselves they can be stunning together.  Pull together 4-5 branches in a vase for a branch arrangement. You have a lot of options here.  Leave them plain or add other decor like dried berries or dried flowers. You can also spray paint your branches for a more upscale look.  If you like a bit of sparkle, paint them and then spray them with adhesive and sprinkle your choice of glitter over them.

A cool branch is also a great option for hanging other decor or fall art.  Maybe get the kids to help make a fun felt hanging and use a branch as your hanger.

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Stumps are so versatile.  Smaller branches can be cut into different height cylinders and then drilled into to create candle holders.  Larger stumps can be used to hold multiple candles.

If you have larger stumps, you could have them sliced then and use them as chargers.  Go the extra mile and personalize them with fall sayings.

Multiple branches or stumps can be used as a background or to stack other decor on.


Dried Corn


Dried corn is one of the prettiest fall decor pieces in my opinion. And the options are endless!

Stack whole cobs on a tray or tie whole cobs together and hang from your mantel.  

Fill glass jars with individual kernels for display.

Take an old frame you don’t use anymore and glue the kernels on in neat rows or in a random pattern.

Take a small shadowbox and glue the corn in a sunburst pattern on the inside of the glass for custom art.



You can do a lot of the same things with acorns as you can with dried corn but because they are a little bigger you have a few more options.

Acorns work great to add as a bit of detail in a table.  Take a handful and spread them around.

Glue them onto a wreath form and tie a beautiful bow on for a custom door or wall wreath.


The possibilities are endless!  How have you turned nature into custom decor?

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How do you know you need an Interior Designer?

We all have times in our life when we know we want to make something happen but we aren’t sure if we can make it happen ourselves.  Or we think – “I’m sure I can fix this plumbing issue” when really it might be a bit outside our skill set. Decorating is no different.  It’s a profession for a reason and we are here to help those that can not or will not decorate for themselves.  

Sometimes we can have a hard time making the decision on if we need help or not.  So I’ve created a list of people that should probably pull the trigger and hire some help.  So, without further ado, here are a few situations where it would be worth it to call in an interior decorator or interior designer.


1. You go to shop for the _________ (fill in the blank) and you get overwhelmed and tire quickly of the project.

There are a multitude of options out there when it comes to decor and furnishings for your home.  If you get easily overwhelmed when looking at options or you don’t even know where to start, you should probably hire an interior decorator to help narrow down the selections for you.  An interior decorator has the eye to make those decisions for you and ensure they will work for your space. No need to drive yourself crazy, we all only have so much patience we can spare.  Use it on your spouse and kids instead!  

2. You just don’t have time

We all have 24 hours in the day and most of us have already committed that time.  Work, kids activities, family events, housework, cooking, sleeping, the list goes on.  Don’t waste your precious time on hoping you pick out the right thing when you could hire a decorator and save your precious extra time for the things that matter the most to you.  Life is short!

3. You have Multiple Design Disorder

So I’ve discovered a rather common disease out there – it’s called Multiple Design Disorder.  You have this disease if the items you buy don’t end up going together. You like a lot of things from a lot of different styles.  But all the things you like just don’t look right together once you get them home. Don’t worry – it’s common but there is no cure!  This is one of those “Know thyself and work around thyself” situations. You’re just not a decorator, you just don’t have the eye. You need to hire a decorator to help you define and focus your style.  

If you have MDD, you probably really enjoy design and like to shop.  Great! Find a designer that will bring you along during the process and partner with you in shopping and making design decisions.  You don’t have to hand over the whole process to work with an interior decorator or interior designer.

4. You have that one room that you don’t know what to do with

If you have that one (or more) space(s) that you just don’t know what to do with, then it might be time to hire a designer.  Many people find that their home has a weird open space that they’re just not sure what to do with. That’s where a designer will shine.  We are pros at making the best out of a weird space, odd angles or floor plans that that just don’t seem to be conducive to real life. If you haven’t figured it out yet, bring in a creative designer that will turn your weird space into your favorite space.

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5. It’s been more than 6 months since you decided you needed to do something about your space.

There is a bit of wisdom out there that says –  if you aren’t making something happen, get professional help.  Life is too short to drag your feet on making important things happen in your life. If you decided you have the money and the intention to change something but you just haven’t done it for whatever reason, you should hire a professional to help you move forward.  Life is too short to keep putting off that project.  

I’ve talked to customers that have waited years to make something happen!  Don’t go years with a space that doesn’t bring you joy. Your home and the items you surround yourself with have a bigger impact than you think.  You are either lifting you and your family up with your decor or you are bringing you and your family down with your decor. Now is the time to pull the trigger and hire an interior designer and enjoy your home.

6. You like saving money and you are smart with your money

Time is money and money is money!  Of course we all know there is a value to our time and but you can actually save money by hiring a designer.  Would you rather get your paint colors right the first time or have to repaint or be unhappy? Would you rather buy pieces of furniture that end up not going together so you have to sell them and try again, or get it right the first time?  

Hiring an interior designer allows you to rest easy and partner with an expert to make these decisions.  Many of the design decisions we make have a big impact on our wallet. Let’s make sure that we aren’t going to regret spending that money.  While yes, you do have to pay a fee to work with a designer, I believe you will feel it’s worth it once you reap the rewards of a beautifully designed space.


If you see yourself in one of these scenarios, take a deep breath and say it with me – “I can not or am not able to decorate on my own.  I need help.” It’s ok, we all do sometimes and it’s better to just admit it and move forward.  

If you just let out that deep breath, let’s schedule an initial free conversation so we can talk about what you are looking for in your home!  We all deserve to live in a space we love.

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Don’t Underestimate Beauty

View from Big Bend Lost Mine Trail

I started Chrysalis Interiors with a mission of using design to love on people.  And to be honest I felt a little silly saying it. I know someone’s not going to die if their living room is empty and they have no decor but it felt like a mission God had given me.  I said yes but I still didn’t completely understand.  

As I’ve started this journey it’s become clearer how important this actually is to people, how much of a difference it can make.  I was recently in Big Bend National Park and it was gorgeous!  No one visiting Big Bend and witnessing the vast beauty there is to take in there would argue that it doesn’t do something for their soul.  Just like God has given us the overwhelming beauty we find in nature, we have the opportunity to create and share beauty in our homes.

I’ve had customers tell me that they now love their homes, that they enjoy being in the space. I’ve met a recovered drug addict who said that being in a beautiful space can help with recovery.  That a lot of addicts come from broken environments that were unkempt and rough – not beautiful. And being in a similar environment while recovering can be triggering. I’ve seen how kids respond to decor.  How they embrace it, love it, want to use it.  

“Beauty is a gift that communicates worth, that says to the recipient, you are precious, worth not just clothing or sheltering, but delighting. You are meant for joy.”


A friend shared a post @sarahwanders wrote with me recently that talked about how she had come across a piece of art at the VA and the placard said it was commissioned as part of a project to renew an area of run down housing.  She wrote:

Imagine the difference it must have made, probably often on a subconscious level, to the residents who daily passed something made specifically, and only, to bring beauty and grace to their living. I really think that the gift of art like that communicates value, care, even a kind of honor to those to whom it is given. I know that there are countless other ways such care must be even more pragmatically expressed as well (leak free roofs, solid foundations). But a dear mentor of mine always talks about the way that our preparation for guests, especially beauty, witnesses to the value we place upon them as people and I kept thinking of this as I thought about this gate.

Beauty is a gift that communicates worth, that says to the recipient, you are precious, worth not just clothing or sheltering, but delighting. You are meant for joy.”

Don’t underestimate beauty!  While food meets the need of our stomach and clothing meets the needs of our bodies, beauty meets the needs of our souls.  Beauty says – you are worthy of joy. You are seen and loved!  I’m so excited to be on this path and I’m sure I have more to learn and understand about our need for beauty.  How important is beauty to you? Where do you make it a priority in your life?